Every year in June, around 500 Umbracians gather in Denmark for our annual conference “CodeGarden”.

Well, it used to be a conference

but today we like to think of it more as a “festival”. Lasting three days from early mornings to late evenings, it’s packed with a combination of learning everything about Umbraco to the who’s who in the community in a laid back atmosphere where you’ll feel at home.

Great sessions

At Umbraco you’ll find sessions that’ll take your skills to the next level. From large-scale implementation to highly specialized sites, you really shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from those who have come before you.

In raw numbers, Codegarden is: 500+ attendees, 3 packed days, 20+ sessions, 26 passionate speakers, 3 workshops, 1 keynote, a hack room, 2 rounds of bingo and 3563 cups of fair trade coffee

Influence the project

Aside from the regular sessions and workshops CodeGarden also provides a unique approach to conferencing. It is called Open Space Technology and is all about networking, problem solving. This means you are not just limited to the scheduled topics but can put your own passions on the agenda and influence the future of the project.

Loads of fun

In the community we value having a great time, so CodeGarden evenings are packed with social events. From canal tours of Copenhagen (with free beer and champagne) to evening parties and the infamous Umbraco bingo and dinner which can’t be described in words.

Get your ticket

CodeGarden always ends up selling out, so make sure to reserve your ticket. The earlier you order the cheaper it is and if you’re on a stretch budget there’s a big chance that a friendly local Umbracian will have a couch to spare.

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