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Our Umbraco is our community hub, bringing together over a hundred thousand people every month sharing knowledge in the forum, documentation, blogs, packages and much more.

Get help

If you’re stuck in your Umbraco project, the friendly forum is the place to visit. We take pride in keeping a friendly atmosphere in our forums despite the rapid growth of the project, so remember that the easier and friendlier you ask the more likely you are to get a quality reply.



On “Our” we have a virtual currency called “Karma” - think of it as likes worth counting. When you give people help, they can appreciate this by giving you a virtual high five. In addition to the joy of knowing that your help meant something, you also get karma points and while money doesn’t buy you happiness, a little bit of karma can. 

In other words, don’t forget to say thanks - it doesn’t cost you anything!


Give back

Once you’ve become better at Umbraco, remember to set aside a little bit of time to be the help you got. It’ll keep the snowball effect rolling and by pulling together as a community, it doesn’t take much effort from everybody to make Umbraco community the best in the industry when it comes to get a fast and friendly quality response.